Behind the Scenes of Worth Avenue Fashion

In many ways, art and fashion are synonymous with each other, and both worlds often collide to create magic. In this year Avenue worth magazine, published by our JES Media group editor, the popular fashion editorial, photographed by Eduardo Rezende, is a product of that perfect fusion. The Norton Museum of Art lends itself as an ideal backdrop for ethereal flowers, a touch of metallic and elegant jewelry.

Asked what makes editorial fashion photography great, art director Lori Pierino says: “I like to have a good balance between the model, the fashion and the location. I like to see some of the environment in the shots, but it shouldn’t overwhelm the model and the fashion. They should compliment each other. “Well, the popular fashion this year, once again, does not disappoint.

Photo by Eduardo Rezende

Showcasing Palm Beach style through clothing and accessories all sourced from Worth Avenue stores, designer Cristina Cellini was inspired by “the many floral prints and colors that are the quintessence of Palm Beach.” Alongside the works of artists Pierre Bonnard, Sam Durant, Rob Wynne, Anselm Kiefer, Anish Kapoor and Fernand Léger, Cellini could not have created a better pairing for a visit to the Museum and beyond.

Photo by the author on the spot

For example, that Gucci flagship on model Emilie Waters is a trompe-l’œil, creating the optical illusion that it is actually part of Anselm Kiefer’s “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom” painting. The flowing floral dresses by Erdem and Zimmermann are easy and cheeky options when in doubt.

Photo by the author on the spot

Marina St. Barth’s bolero and skirt, embellished with a hat, are an unexpected yet welcoming addition to the overall look, giving us the green light to play with accessories. I happened to drop by the place when this photo was taken and the hat was in question, but that’s the subjective beauty of fashion and art.

Linen is also featured on these editorial pages with pieces from the Palm Beach Collection by Marley and Charlotte Kellogg. It’s a type of fabric that evokes a casual, carefree, and chic vibe that’s ideal for staying in the hot South Florida sun.

Photo by Eduardo Rezende

Metallics remain in trend and those silver pointed Prada ballet flats are now on my wish list. For your next upcoming gala, consider swapping black with a metallic dress to make a pretty entrance. I totally imagine Angelina Jolie sporting this Akris look with Lugano Diamonds jewelry. not you?

Also not to be missed are the fabulous jewels that embellish these pages by Lugano Diamonds, Mariko and Tamara Comolli. Cellini designed these gorgeous pieces with elegance, complementing each look with just the right amount of bling.

“Art and fashion inspired both of our shots,” says Pierino. “I hope this shows up on our pages and motivates people to explore the famous Norton Museum of Art and iconic Worth Avenue.”

Next time you’re looking to do something fabulous, spend a day browsing the Norton Museum’s impressive collections, followed by lunch and shopping on Worth Avenue … and be sure to grab your copy of Avenue worth revised while you are there.

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