Before the 90 Days’ Usman, GF Kim Meet for the 1st Time

Sparks flew when Usman “SojaBoy” Umar met her love interest online, Kimberly, in person for the first time in a brand new preview clip for 90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days.

Nerves were mounting as Kim, 50, prepared to greet rapper “I Love You” after his flight to Tanzania, where he was preparing to shoot a music video.

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“I’m about to cry. So, I’m at the airport waiting to pick up Usman and he’ll be here, like, any moment,” she said in the teaser she got from. Us Weekly Friday, December 24, gushing as excited as she was. “I’m shaking all over.”

When he finally came out with his suitcase, Kimberly was overjoyed and Usman, 32, greeted her from afar before they could hug.

“It’s much better than what I expected,” the Nigerian native said in a sectarian interview with Kim. “She looks[s] Good.”

“We are cute together, aren’t we?” Kim asked with a smile. “I don’t look like 50.”

Usman agreed, telling Kim, “You look, like, 31, 32”.

Before 90 days viewers are seeing her blossoming romance with Kimberly unfold more than a year after news of her split from ex Lisa “Baby Girl Lisa” Robinson (born Hamme) in May 2020. The musician told In contact exclusively that he served Lisa with divorce papers in December last year, after hinting that their divorce was finalized after her wedding to her new husband Tracey Robinson in April 2021.

Before 90 days, Usman Kim meets for the first time
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Usman and Kim in “Before 90 Days”.

“I won’t let anything stand in the way of success, which is part of the reason I recently divorced,” SojaBoy said of where he and Lisa were in the December 19 episode. “Three years ago I met my ex-wife online. She is 20 years older than me and was an American. But his controlling nature has affected my career. Things started to fall apart and then we got divorced because we are not happy together. And now I’m single, but maybe not for long. “

Kim, who hails from San Diego, California, was a Usman fan long before she started a romance and supported her lifestyle, even saying she would be “OK” if she had multiple wives in case. he wanted to expand his family.

When it comes to her relationship with Kim, she seems to be doing pretty well outside of the show as well. Though fans noticed he tagged Kim the wrong one in a recent social media post on Dec 20, Usman got excited about their connection, writing, “I believe I have [chosen] the right one.”

90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days airs on TLC Sundays at 8 pm ET.

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