Bears, Bengals, Bucs, and Bills

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

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Bills vs. Buccaneers, it concluded a few minutes before 8 pm EST, so for those who remained for the RedZone touchdown montage after the Buccaneers’ winning score, it was only 15 minutes before Carrie Underwood screamed through the speakers about how deeply she had. I waited all day for Sunday evening.

Just after 8:22 PM EST, the Packers kicked off the Bears, who were an 11.5-point underdog in quarterback rookie Justin Fields’ first game after suffering a rib injury on November 21. The Bears ended the first quarter with a 3-0 lead, and then things got weird.

In a game where the over / under was set at 37.5, 45 points were scored in the second quarter. The Bears, who have been craving a star for big plays for most of this season, scored touchdowns on plays of 46, 54 and 97 yards in the second quarter.

The Packers, however, would not be outdone on the home court on national television. They took an Interceptions Fields 55 yards to home for a score in the second quarter, and during a two-minute drill, Aaron Rodgers pitched for 75 yards in four plays to bring the Packers to a touchdown.

The Bears would then take advantage of a great return at kickoff and would take the field in 44 seconds to kick a basket and go to half-time with a 27-21 lead.

It was all for Sunday night entertainment in America. The Bears ended up losing the game 45-30 as the non-playoff team they are for the Super Bowl contender who are the Packers.

Week 14 on Sunday started boring, continued to be boring, and ended predictably, but for about four hours the NFL was the best it could possibly be.


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