Bavincis’ founder talks on luxury fashion accessories to amp-up your look

Human civilization has already passed that stage where clothing was only treated as a vehicle to cover our bodies and protect us from heat, dust, insects and other environmental elements. With the emergence of different fabrics and different weaving methods, clothes have become a powerful weapon to express our socio-economic, cultural and personal identity. In addition to clothing, people have gradually begun to rely on various accessories such as shoes, bags, headdresses, ornaments, sunglasses, and watches to complete their look.

Today, luxury fashion accessories such as sunglasses and watches have gained pivotal importance in the modern fashion industry due to their impact in making any look more glitzy and glamorous. Considering the same, Dhruvin Lakhankiya, founder of Bavincis, a luxury fashion accessories brand, writes his thoughts on how the world is adapting to elements of fashion as a necessary part of styling their ensembles.

It goes without saying that a good pair of sunglasses is an essential tool to protect your eyes from UV rays and the deteriorating effects of the summer sun. However, sunglasses are more than just a summer fashion statement. Sunbeds keep you stylish even when you’re not really ready to socialize. Despite being a small accessory. a luxurious pair can easily elevate your outfit and style. If you have tired eyes or are not in the mood to be sociable, you can always hide behind them without compromising your public presence or your fashion statement. At the same time, if you are unsure of your outfit, there is always an option to pair it with a luxury pair to bring the desired sharpness to your look.

Historically, watches have always been considered more of a decorative element than a potential fashion accessory. In the 18th century, men of aristocratic origin wore pocket watches while women wore them as pendants. However, with the dominance of technological innovation, watches have become a branded accessory worn by men and women to complement their outfits. Brands now produce a wide range of stylish watches that suit every outfit and every activity. A watch requires very little maintenance and is more functional than any other accessory in every respect. From formal parties to weddings, luxury watches can effortlessly provide you with a simple yet rich and sophisticated style. It also gives you the freedom to experiment with straps, designs, materials and colors according to your fashion needs and preferences. According to industry estimates, the size of India’s watch market is ?5,000 cr and the organized sector is estimated at ?2,500 cr. which is enough to underline the importance of luxury watches in making fashion statements effective.

Dhruvin Lakhankiya continues to elaborate further on how in the era of globalization, fashion is not limited to just clothing. Nowadays, fashion accessories are conveniently used by fashionistas to spice up their look and outfits. Luxurious fashion accessories like sunglasses and watches can be great ways to bring your simple outfit to a million dollar look. There are billions of brands in the market offering trendy fashion accessories for the new age population. All you have to do is choose the right fashion accessories and use them according to your style, taste and personal preference.

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