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In fashion, it’s the world of TikTok and we’re just living in it. The video-centric social media app has largely claimed its trending space in 2020, bringing everything from yoga pants to jackets back onto the map. Now, according to a hashtag with over 130 million views and beyond, a new winter accessory, albeit completely unexpected, has taken over: balaclavas. We’re not entirely sure how we got here, but the recent style variations emerging thanks to the social media-fueled phenomenon are so cute we’re not even mad at it.

The headwarmer garment, vaguely reminiscent of a detached hood that leaves a hole for the entire face or, in some cases, just the eyes to pass through, has not always been the telltale sign of an experienced fashion enthusiast. Its origins actually derive from the war, from the name of a small Ukrainian town where the battle of Balaclava took place. There, during the Crimean War in the 1800s, UK soldiers wore knitted clothing to warm up after the housewives hand-made and shipped them.

Today, the accessory makes a timely return to the era of pandemic-induced face masks, as some of them actually include mouth masks. There are Louis Vuitton knit iterations for its spring 2022 collection. There is Paco Rabanne’s version for spring 2021 that uses his signature chain mail. Then, there’s Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look, from Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia: even though she wore full coverage that didn’t even reveal her eyes, there’s no denying the impact the fashion moment has on wide. ladder left.

As polarizing as they may be, it looks like these sweaters aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially considering TikTok’s penchant for DIY knit pieces. Still, this is what makes balaclavas so fun to wear. Scroll on for 20 ultra cool styles we found online.

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