‘Bachelorette: After the Final Rose’: Brandon Reunites With Michelle

After one of the most heartbreaking breakups in Bachelor Nation history, Brandon Jones came face to face with Michelle Young during the live broadcast After the final squad special Tuesday 21 December.

“Coming in, I thought I was so safe and, you know, in the end I just wanted the best for her,” Brandon, 27, told the cohost. Kaitlyn Bristowe. “I just wanted him to be happy. I wanted him to truly find his person because, on entering this, he expressed that he was afraid of not finding his person, so I’m glad he did. Congratulations to her and Nayte [Olukoya]. “

When pressed by Kaitlyn, Brandon admitted that he was “so sure” she was the only one for him.

“In relationships, [I’m] never like this. … I’m not that vulnerable. I don’t open up like this, or it takes me a while, but I met Michelle [and] she is literally a one of a kind person, “he said.

Brandon Jones and Michelle Young. ABC / Craig Sjodin (2)

When asked if he still loves Michelle, Brandon replied, “I will always, always love Michelle. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would be more respectful to love her that way, you know? I want her and Nayte to be really happy. But yeah, I meant that. that I said. I will always love her, I will always take care of her. “

Michelle later joined Brandon on stage and he asked her to share his “side” of their breakup for “clarity”, prompting her to explain why she said “I love you” but still chose Nayte.

“My decision to share that I was in love with you, I didn’t share it because I had already made a decision. I was sharing it because it was something I had held back, and since I didn’t think I was able to fall in love with two people, it was really hard for me to honestly go out and talk about it, because it’s scary and you’re hooking in the public eye and there are all these things. different. … You see people being ridiculed for falling in love with two people, ”explained Michelle. “I felt it would also be a disservice not to share them. And now, if I had known my decision in that moment – and strong feelings, I’m always someone to think about someone else – but in this unique position, I wanted to be completely honest with where I was and that was that I was in love with you. And to say it, it was difficult in that moment, because it is scary. And it’s also scary to know that you may have to break the heart of someone you said ‘I love you’ to.

Brandon admitted he was “confused” because he felt Michelle had to “push” him to prepare to make the proposal.

“I felt that some of my love had been neglected,” she admitted. “But I didn’t even know the whole story. … Sometimes we don’t understand what our heart tells us. “

During Tuesday’s finale, the teacher was torn between Brandon and Nayte, telling both men she was in love with them. Soon after deciding that Nayte was the one for her, she received a letter from Brandon that made her feel conflicted again.

“Michelle, since you came into my life, I don’t see the world the same way anymore. I have realized that a world without you is a world that I fear to face, “Brandon wrote.” You have really infected me with love that I don’t think is anywhere near easy or common to find in a lifetime. Such a beautiful love and profound that leads me to a pure understanding that what I have with you is the love of wanting more for someone than for yourself. The kind of love in which I will always place your happiness above mine. Follow yours. heart, Michelle, and never look back because I followed mine and led me to do so. Just know Michelle, you will never need to ask for my love because I will always love you. I see you, I have always seen you and always I will see you”.

On the final day, Brandon arrived with a Neil Lane diamond in hand, ready to propose to Michelle.

“I feel like I’m getting engaged today. It is an exciting and nerve-wracking day. … I will marry this woman, ”he told the cameras. “You know, when you know it you know. You won’t wait another second. I truly found the one special thing in my entire life that I was looking for. [If] I get on my knees and she says yes? I’ll be like the happiest man I’ve ever walked this Earth. “

It didn’t take long after Brandon showed the puppy, however, to see Michelle was visibly upset.

“I really wish you nothing but happiness. I mean it, even if it’s not with me, “he said after she told him his heart belonged to someone else.” You were worth every second of it. Giving you my heart was worth it. It’s something I’ll never regret. I’ll always be there for you. “

Before leaving, Brandon told cameras that his heart is “sitting on the floor in pieces of f — king” and “what will sting the most” is that he was “really, really, so deeply in love with her.”

Michelle subsequently accepted a proposal from Nayte.

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