Bachelor Nation’s Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya Reunite With Her Ex

For her part, Michelle has expressed that she has similar feelings.

“I’ve never felt a love like this before. And I love you with all my heart,” she said. “And I never want to think about waking up next to anyone other than you and making life with someone other than you. And, in the end, I wanted to be standing in front of my soul mate, and he’s definitely standing right in front of you. myself.”

The couple are serious about spending eternity together, as they both told E! The news that their wedding is happening much sooner than fans realize.

“The summer wedding is definitely what we have agreed on and are looking into in the near future,” shared Nayte, with Michelle adding, “We want a warm climate. I’m from Minnesota, he grew up in Winnipeg. You know, cold, snow. . It is beautiful, especially at this time of year, but surely, for the atmosphere of the wedding, we would prefer the sun to shine and there is no snow on the ground. ”

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