Auburn edges out LSU for Rivals100 DB Austin Ausberry

On Friday, Austin Ausberry clinched a long-awaited state championship ring, which comes with dressing up territory for Baton Rouge (La.) University High.

Monday was ready to move on to the long-awaited next chapter in its history.

After a whirlwind of manager changes, including many involving some of his best teams, Ausberry made a commitment to Auburn Florida, LSU, Alabama, Notre Dame and Michigan. Ausberry made his decision to choose the Tigers out of state last week and, after visiting LSU over the weekend, came out convinced he was right to head for the plains.

Ausberry, a Rivals100 defender and an LSU legacy who was born and raised in Baton Rouge, is considered the number 90 player in the country. It is safety n. 6 and is versatile for playing outside as a cornerback. He is also in the top 10 players in a loaded 2022 crop in The Boot.

Ausberry was out-of-state inclined towards other SEC programs such as Auburn for most of his recruiting. The Tigers have begun to separate from the group after an official visit in October for the Georga game. Since then, Louisiana-born defensive back manager Zac Etheridge has kept the Tigers in a position of strength alongside defensive coordinator Derek Mason and input from manager Bryan Harsin.

LSU, along with Florida and Alabama, were all major threats to the versatile four-star defender. The combination of an SEC setting with tradition, a history of producing defensive full backs and the blueprint for early success created a perfect formula to seal Ausberry overdue despite the valiant pushes of LSU’s new staff.


In the four days from winning a championship to the college decision: “It was great at home. My first priority was to win the state and I would have thought of nothing but the state and then I was ready to make my decision. It all went pretty well, but it sure was nerve-wracking and I was came out quickly. “

On how Auburn won: “When it came to their plan, I really liked their plan. I liked the atmosphere during the official visit and I liked what I saw and where I thought the program with Coach Harsin was headed after his freshman year. “.

On how the Tigers stood out: “Some of the best advice I got was from Trovon (Reed), who is from Louisiana. He said when it comes to doing it, go where it makes you feel happy … In Auburn, I feel comfortable and it’s the best place to go to success in all aspects of the game. I really felt like the right one. “

On his instincts: “I changed it a couple of times. I wanted to commit there and a few days later I committed to Auburn, but I had an instinctive feeling … The coaches were ahead of many things. Their honesty; I trusted them. them and I had an instinctive feeling. I can read people very well and I went with who I was reading. “


A legacy of LSU, Ausberry Verge’s father played as a linebacker for the Tigers and that same speed and physicality translated into the Austin game. Ausberry has played both cornerback and safety during his coaching career and could rotate between the two spots in the secondary. He has scored more than 40 times in the 4.4 range dating back to his second year and has shown exceptional ball skills in coverage and stamina to also be physical against running.

Ausberry takes direct routes to the ball carrier and flies to the ball. He is willing to break free of blocks and work his way up to make tackles. He is physical in cover and crashes underneath and has a maximum speed to patrol the field. The long-range defender always keeps an eye on the ball and has a knack for passing ahead of passes. Ausberry also sees action in attack, showing his speed in the open field; tenacity to absorb contact from defenders; and natural ball skills.

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