Artist Flore Reflects on Art Basel, Virgil Abloh and Beyonce

A work of art! Artist Cristoforo Fiorentino (known as “Flore”) returned to Art Basel in Miami on Tuesday 30 November to showcase his creative and colorful work at the Context Art Fair with the Art Angels Gallery. The largest contemporary art fair in the world, Basel brings together artists and collectors from all over the world, including celebrities such as Olivia rodrigo, Lizzo And Hailey Bieber.

And this year marked Flore’s eighth experience in Basel. “This was really special because the artists were locked up for COVID for two years, so they were doing the best job they ever did and it showed up,” said the Miami-based painter. In contact. “Every single art fair – there are like 10 different art fairs going on at the same time – each has had a brilliant job. So, for me to participate in this, it was great to see all my peers really dig deep and do some great work.

Originally known for his street art style, the New York native had only shown his “Urban Cubism” series in the past. “In the beginning, when I started making art, I was a raw artist, a New York artist, just passionate about street and graphic art type,” Flore said. “My palette was not yet very refined. And as I grew up and started taking time to study, I realized that the texture and clutter of those graphic paintings were what I really loved. I’m obsessed with abstract expressionism and I think it’s the true New York style. “

Christopher Florentino / Art Angels Gallery

Flore’s new passion led to her exploration of modern art in 2017. And this year Basel saw the debut of the artist’s modern series. “It’s sophisticated, it’s gesture, it’s movement, it’s color. I love that style, “he said In contact. “So, I’m painting in that style, and it’s successful, and that makes me really happy.” Such a success, in fact, that his entire Art Basel collection was sold out. Impressive enough for an artist who has been around for less than a decade.

Throughout her career, Flore has been represented in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Zurich and Beirut. His famous clients include J Balvin, Rick Ross And French Montana, not to mention Queen Bey. “I made two matching denim jackets, one for Beyoncé and one for Blue Ivy, ”Flore said. “Her stylist or designer brought them to her for her tour.”

Flore may have made custom denim jackets for the Carters, but her primary art form is painting. Yet, he still appreciates the influence of the fashion legend Virgil Abloh – the late Louis Vuitton Men’s Creative Director was honored at Art Basel this year after passing away the previous weekend. “He was a true artist. And humble! He always spoke the truth and was really passionate about what he did, and I respected him for that, “Flore said.” And that inspired me because I can recognize him. I just want to do my job, and I want to do it right. This is what I really admired about Virgil is that he cared, he really cared. He was just a person who cared about his craft, he cared about the quality of the art he made, and not everyone is like that. “

Artist Flore reflects on the Art Basel Show, Virgil Abloh and the creation of custom denim jackets for Beyonce
Christopher Florentino / Art Angels Gallery

Flore clearly cares about her work and that passion is manifested in her paintings. “This is kind of what my Urban Cubism paintings are: they are moments,” he said. “And my modern paintings – for me, they are just pure energy and gesture. The value of an artist lies in the energy in which he creates the painting “.

Next appointment for the New York artist? An NFT drop on Jan.7 with Nifty Gateway owned by the Winklevoss twins, Art Wynwood in Miami on February 17 and then Art Palm Beach on March 24.

As for Flore’s future, we know it’s bright. “It’s early in my career,” he said. “I’ve only been doing this for 10 years. Picasso had been doing it for, like, 75 years, so I had some time. “

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