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Missing penalty from Odegaard

The score was still 0-0 when Arsenal had their first cause for resentment on Saturday.

A smooth move by the hosts saw them cut Manchester City – as they did on several occasions during the first half – but it ended with Martin Odegaard falling under a challenge from Ederson.

It appeared to be a close call, with the movement of the ball suggesting that the City goalkeeper had made contact with it, and referee Stuart Attwell dismissed Arsenal’s appeals.

But replays of the incident – which were also shown inside the stadium – at half-time clearly showed Ederson making contact with Odegaard ahead of the ball.

VAR Jarred Gillett looked into the incident but decided to stick with the decision on the pitch, despite the apparent mistake.

The refusal to intervene by the VAR, especially in the context of what would follow in favor of Manchester City in the second half, aroused widespread bewilderment.

“Confusing is the right word,” said Arsenal deputy chief Albert Stuivenberg, who replaced Covid-hit Mikel Arteta. “We look for consistency there. For me the Odegaard moment is a clear penalty but if there is consistency there you would say, bring the referee to check [the pitchside monitor]. It didn’t happen.

“And with the City penalty it happens and I thought it was pretty soft.”

City’s life-saving penalty on review

Arsenal’s mood went from bad to boiling point as Manchester City finally received a penalty after Bernardo Silva fell into the penalty area under a challenge from Granit Xhaka in the second half.

It felt like a clumsy challenge from Xhaka. But while Xhaka was holding Silva’s shirt, the City midfielder looked already downhill.

Once again Attwell did not concede the penalty on the pitch. However, on this occasion, the VAR advised the referee to review the incident on the sideline monitor and changed his decision, bringing City back into the game while Riyad Mahrez converted the penalty.

Sky SportsLewis Jones, who was at Emirates Stadium, said: “There is tremendous frustration on the part of Arsenal fans around the press box. But it’s a lazy challenge on Xhaka’s part, who has precedents for this kind of game. moments.

“The incident was shown on the big screen, which Xhaka saw, and his reaction to that could have led to a second yellow card. He was lucky enough and needs to calm down.”

Pep Guardiola was also convinced it was a penalty kick and pointed out that Odegaard’s previous claim had not been shown on the big screen in the same way.

“I have not seen the [Odegaard] penalty, they did not show it on the [big] screen. And they showed it on screen for Bernardo. So Arsenal did well. But it is a penalty [Bernardo’s]. But I didn’t see the potential penalty for Odegaard, so I can’t say. “

Crazy five minutes at the Emirates …

Lewis Jones of Sky Sports at Emirates:

“Let’s take a look at that fantastic five minute period …

“Silva falls under a challenge from Xhaka. Attwell says no penalty. The VAR advises him to go to the screen and he changes his decision. Xhaka and Gabriel are booked the next day.

Arsenal countered and Ake lobbed sensationally on the line and Martinelli missed a goal on the net. From the next attack, Jesus fouls Gabriel who receives the second yellow card.


Gabriel’s quick firing

Arsenal’s frustrations actually overflowed, however, and they were left with 10 men for the final 30 minutes of the match when Gabriel Magalhaes was shown two yellow cards in quick succession.

Arsenal fans would argue that Gabriel’s first yellow card would have come if both penalty decisions were handled appropriately, but the Brazilian defender can’t complain about the two yellows he received in quick succession.

The first foul was soft, with referee Attwell reportedly booking Gabriel for scratching the penalty spot before Mahrez’s kick. Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale was also seen doing the same thing on cameras, but went unpunished.

However, after the match, Albert Stuivenberg – replacing Mikel Arteta for post-match media duties – said Gabriel’s first caution was for something he said, rather than anything done on the spot.

When asked if the initial caution was for rubbing, he replied: “That’s not what the players are telling me. He made a remark to the referee and other players confirmed it. It was a normal comment and it is to him. been given a yellow card. it doesn’t matter in the end as if you have a yellow card then you need to better control your emotions.

“He told me he mentioned the first penalty with Odegaard and asked the referee ‘what happened there’, so no foul language was used, just a comment. That’s what Gabriel told me.”

Gabriel’s second yellow card was also avoidable minutes later when he stopped Gabriel Jesus mid-game to stop a City counterattack. Again, there should have been few complaints about the booking – was it really a challenge he had to do? His reckless intervention contributed greatly to determining the outcome of the match, as the game went decisively in City’s favor.

“When you already have a yellow card, at this point you have to control your emotions,” said Stuivenberg. “I’m not sure why it was given the first yellow card, I’ve heard different things about it. But it’s no longer important. If you have it you have to control your emotions. It’s something we have to learn.”

Rodri gets into his shirt

Rodri was the ultimate hero for Manchester City when his recovery goal scored all three points for Guardiola’s side.

He sparked wild cheers from the midfielder and his teammates, who immediately rushed to celebrate in front of the Arsenal fans. It resulted in throwing items on the pitch by home fans targeting City players, and Rodri was ultimately cautioned for taking off his shirt during the festivities.

But should he have had a warning first? There are many on social media who think so.

Rodri has only committed two fouls per game. The first on Martinelli right on the edge of the Manchester City penalty area, who went unpunished. The second was for a foul on Alexandre Lacazette, who also escaped further punishment and effectively resulted in Bukayo Saka being booked for his complaints to the referee.

In fairness to the referee, it could be argued that none of Rodri’s fouls, although they stopped promising Arsenal attacks, were a yellow card. However, Arsenal’s complaints come due to the referee’s quick warning at Arsenal players, most notably Gabriel and substitute Rob Holding, who were both cautioned after a single foul.

Analysis: Five minutes of madness cost Arsenal

Lewis Jones of Sky Sports writes:

Arsenal had just been beaten by Manchester City, nothing new of course.

But this time it was different.

The home fans stayed and cheered their team with great enthusiasm, fully appreciating the fact that Mikel Arteta’s side were absolutely outstanding against the waiting champions. The best team for 85 minutes of competition, in fact.

The problems came in the other five minutes in the middle of the first half. I’m not sure I’ve been to a game where the game has changed so much in such a short time. Unfortunately for Arsenal, it was all thanks to them.

Granit Xhaka’s lazy challenge and shot for the shirt on Bernardo Silva gave the referee a decision to make. Gabriel Martinelli, full of energy and quality, jumped at what was an open net opportunity after Nathan Ake’s miraculous postponement. And then Gabriel Magalhaes’ moment of inexperience stained his notebook when he took his second yellow card for an unnecessary foul.

These three incidents defined the outcome. Elite teams like Manchester City feed on such mistakes and although Arsenal were superb in every department, the big moments of the match were devoured by the City machine.

“In the end, it’s very frustrating, but Mikel was very proud of the performance and frustrated at the same time,” said Arsenal manager Albert Stuivenberg, who replaced Arteta’s absence.

Frustration was the perfect word to sum up the feeling in full-time ground. But when the dust has settled, those Arsenal fans can look back on a performance that gives the club so much hope and excitement for the future.

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