Arizona Coyotes say ‘human error’ to blame for missing tax payments

Who among us hasn't tried to ignore a non-existent debt?

Who among us hasn’t tried to ignore a non-existent debt?
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Maybe I should have waited a day. Because nothing with the Arizona Coyotes fails to improve, or become more fun, or more abstract when you give it more time. As the layers are not peeled, the aroma spreading through the air truly defies all imagination. It is both hilarity and bewilderment, mixed with the stench of the old.

The morning saw the Coyotes finally respond to Katie Strang’s report in The Athletic on how taxes and rent were owed to both the state and city of Glendale, Arizona. and may not be allowed into the building after December 20th if they don’t pay. Their response was to blame the non-payment for “human error” and to have initiated an investigation into it. Because you really need an investigator to roam the offices to find out that the owners have no money. They’ve fully mailed the check, my boys, just wait for the post office clerk in a day or two.

Most of us, probably in our youth but maybe still (#nojudgment), are left behind on one account. Maybe it was a credit card you really shouldn’t have taken, maybe it was your phone bill after you got fired, sometimes it’s the rent when things go haywire like the dog or cat gets sick and you really regret it. having laughed at pet insurance when hearing about it. Whatever it is, we are all quite familiar with the process. When you don’t pay on time, and actually not long after the due date, someone calls. Maybe these days it’s an email, but there’s no megaphone like an organization you owe money to. They tend to make a fuss. So the Coyotes want us to believe that whoever was in charge of physically processing these payments just … didn’t? And when the state and / or city called, sent emails, drove the organization crazy to find out where the money was, whoever got those communications just … didn’t bother to tell anyone? Did they think they would just … walk away?

Look, we all did it with creditors. If I keep hanging up the phone, the problem does not exist. But we’re not professional sports franchises with, presumably, millions of dollars at stake either. It goes without saying that the Glendale city manager had a raised eyebrow. Even better, while the Coyotes were ready to tell everyone that everything is paid and there is nothing to see here and our accountant just lost the use of his fingers at the exact time every month he should have clicked “REMIT PAYMENT, “the city of Glendale wasn’t exactly telling the same story. They still want theirs, and they haven’t gotten it yet. So it’s not over. Meanwhile, Gary Bettman – whose arrogance and inability to admit he’s wrong are the only reasons Coyotes exist in this broken, barely breathing, can only throw up and cry – is experiencing an entire act of Baghdad Bob.

of cHere, Bettman doesn’t think there’s a problem, because he probably had to get the NHL owners to cover this loss for the Yotes just like they covered everyone else. The Arizona Coyotes, where waiting just a few minutes will always prove that the joke is never quite over, which essentially makes them the “Aristocrats” of the NHL, except there’s even more shit being thrown around.


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