Are the Yellowjackets Good People? Or Pure Evil?

What would you do if you were hungry (and possibly possessed) in the woods?

While we’re still looking for answers to all the mysteries behind Showtime’s yellow vests, we’re still struggling with the simultaneous feeling of pity, horror and empathy towards our favorite 1996 high school soccer team turned plane crash survivors. Sure, teens always do messy things, like sleeping with their best friend’s boyfriend and flirting with their adult soccer manager. But left to themselves, they would every teenager stranded in the woods resort to cannibalism?

A flash forward of a cannibal camping food frenzy shows that these ’90s teens didn’t have a typical high school experience.

Juliette Lewis, Cristina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey And Cypress Brown they play adult versions of these high schoolers who, 25 years later, are still haunted by what happened out there in the forest. The psychological thriller juxtaposes past trauma to today’s threats like blackmail, poisoning and oh yeah, some pesky murders.

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