Are 90 Day Fiance’s Russ and Paola Mayfield Still Together? Find Out

Are 90 days boyfriend stars Paola Mayfield (born Vesga Salcedo) e Russ Mayfield still together? The couple are one of the OG stars of the hit TLC show and have shared their ups and downs during their marriage through various seasons and spin-offs of the reality TV franchise. Keep scrolling below for an update on their relationship status.

Russ and Paola made their debut in the first season of 90 days boyfriend. They documented the 90 days leading up to their October 7, 2013 wedding, on the show, and went on to star in season 1-4 of the spinoff, 90 day boyfriend: did they live happily ever after? They documented on January 9, 2019, the birth of their first child, son Axel, in season 4. Although the pair have not appeared in a full season since 2019, they have made appearances in other TLC spinoffs such as 90 Day Boyfriend: Pillow Talk and discovery + spinoff such as Love games And 90 days: gastronomic call. Although they have documented tensions and quarrels over the years, they always seemed to be engaged in their marriage.

Unfortunately, Russ and Pao sparked split rumors in August 2021 when she shared a series of cryptic messages on social media.

“Part of the reason relationships end is that we get caught up in other things, we forget to appreciate each other and, sadly, marriage is no longer a priority,” Paola tweeted on August 11, after tweeting another message, read, “People have asked me why I don’t take pictures with my husband, and my answer is … I just don’t like to pretend [shrugging emoji] #you guess right. “

Courtesy of Paola Mayfield / Instagram

That same month, In contact exclusively confirmed that Russ and Pao were “on hiatus” seeking marriage counseling to overcome their marital problems.

“During this pandemic, it has hit everyone very hard, especially couples who have had to stay indoors with each other 24/7,” Dominique Enchinton, Paola’s manager and owner of Dominion Talent House, said exclusively In contact on August 13. Dominique also said that their RV lifestyle made things more difficult since it didn’t give the couple much space from each other.

“Russ lost his job during the pandemic, so Paola was the only breadwinner in the last year,” added Dominique. “With all of that, it definitely impacted both of us.” He said that although the reality star’s parents disagreed, Paola and Russ “weren’t divorcing yet,” adding, “They’re still together. They’re just taking a break and going to therapy to fix the problems.”

However, it appears that the break was for the best and the therapy helped. In October 2021, the couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary, and Paola shared an update on the status of their relationship with fans.

“8 Years Together,” the reality star-turned-wrestler captioned a video showing a beautiful bouquet of red roses sent by her husband on October 7, 2021. “We’re working on it like we always do. #Anniversary.”

Since then, Russ and Pao have celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving as a family of three with son Axel. For Christmas, they posed together for sweet family photos while celebrating the holidays.

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Courtesy of Paola Mayfield / Instagram

On December 27, 2021, Paola took to Instagram to share a video apparently recorded at their Christmas party, which captured a sweet and loving moment between husband and wife. Pao wore a sexy red silk dress and danced for the camera as she looked at her husband and reached out to him so he could join her. Russ walked over to his wife and they wrapped their arms around each other before kissing.

Pao shared another update on their wedding with fans in the caption, writing, “We believe in second chances #strongertogether.”

It seems everything worked out for Russ and Pao!

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