Antonio Conte has transformed Tottenham who now have a top manager to compete with the best, says Jamie Carragher | Football News

Antonio Conte is a top manager who has overturned Tottenham and can help them get into the top four, says Jamie Carragher.

Spurs were ninth when Conte was signed in early November, but have since picked up 14 points in six games, one of only two undefeated teams in competitions during that time.

“There has been a huge turnaround,” Carragher said Monday night football.

“Under the last coach Nuno Espirito Santo they were hugely underperforming, there is no question about that. But we can actually look at the comparison and it has improved enormously.

“She has improved in the goals conceded. They were almost the last in the standings. Now they are at the top of the standings. The distance covered is the one everyone is talking about because it almost seems to be talking about another team with the same names and the same players.” .

The Spurs averaged 100km per game under Nuno, running fewer than any other team in the Premier League. Under Conte there are 114 kilometers per game, the top of the standings.

“This is the impact it has had,” Carragher added.

“We must also say that it was a favorable start for Antonio Conte with five home games and one away match and the average positions of the opponents. It was a tougher start for Nuno but there is no doubt that they now have another level of coaching. . “

Conte was quick to return to the full-back system he was so successful with at Chelsea, winning the Premier League title in 2017.

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“Watching them over the weekend, he brought me back to Chelsea under Conte or even under Thomas Tuchel now with that 3-4-3.

The width of Tottenham through the full backs under Antonio Conte

“Lucas Moura with Heung-Min Son and Harry Kane, who is a formidable three up front, with these side backs playing high and wide.

“Only the role that the two No. 10s have makes it really difficult for those who take them. This is the problem you have as a full-back, do you go with the full-back or the No. 10? There is room outside for the full-back, we often see him with Tuchel’s team.

Against Conte, now against Chelsea, we often see where there is space for the winger, whether it be Marcos Alonso, Reece James or, for Tottenham, Sergio Reguilon.

“I always have the feeling that if you go with a back four against these great teams it is really difficult because that seems to be happening a lot.”

Will Tottenham become a great team under Conte? Carragher believes their chances of success in the run-up to Champions League qualification have greatly improved thanks to the quality of the current manager, possibly the club’s best in half a century.

The win rate of Tottenham manager Antonio Conte in the Premier League

“The reason why I think Spurs have a really good chance of getting into the top four is that they have a great coach. They have a coach who can challenge Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola and Thomas Tuchel.

“Look at his record. We’re not talking about a guy who has been in the Premier League for half a season and had a good run. He won the Premier League, he won the FA Cup in his second season, and he had a very good run. start in Spurs.

“His win rate places him among the best coaches in the Premier League. You think of Spurs and you probably have to go back to the most famous manager in club history, Bill Nicholson, who was the manager when they won the brace in 1961.

“They have never had a coach of this level. People will say Jose Mourinho but it wasn’t Mourinho in his best moment. I think they have a top manager in his best moment and that’s what gives them a realistic chance.”

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