Another setback from Zion Williamson’s recovery

Zion Williamson may not work and that's a shame.

Zion Williamson may not work and that’s a shame.
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The setback of Zion Williamson in his recovery from foot surgery, which means that the former absolute choice no. 1 will see “the volume of his training … reduced for an extended period to allow for further bone healing”, which is just a real shame.

Williamson was only able to play 85 games in his NBA career after joining the Pelicans in the 2019 draft. And while he hasn’t played since reaching legal drinking age, the 6-6 big forward has an average. career of 25.7 points and seven rebounds per game – when he was on the floor, it was as advertised, after the one season at Duke where Williamson averaged 22.6 points and 8.9 rebounds.

Foot problems prevent Williamson from being able to be active, not being able to be active led to Williamson putting on pounds, and be too heavy means more stress for Williamson’s feet. It is not “put the fat to shame“To recognize that Williamson’s weight represents a bigger challenge for him to be able to recover and reach his potential, it is simple that he needs to break that vicious circle, for which everyone should be cheering because he is an amazing player to play. look on the pitch.

Nobody wants to see Williamson’s career derail before he really has a chance to move forward. He is a special player and understanding how to fine tune his body, both the foot and the overall shape, are top priorities. It is to the credit of the Pelicans that even as time ticks by every day until their potential franchise player qualifies for free agency, New Orleans is shutting it down rather than rushing it back.

The wrong things

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, more like Kentavious Colossal No, amirite?

This is where you need to make Michael Jordan’s move and change hands.


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