Anna Duggar Missing From Duggar Family Christmas Celebration

There were family members everywhere in sight Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar‘s Christmas gathering of several of their 19 children and numerous grandchildren at their Tontitown, Arkansas complex. But conspicuously absent from the family holiday celebration, he was imprisoned Josh Duggaris the wife, Anna.

Anna, 33, did not appear in the background of any of the videos that Jana Duggar, 31, posted on Instagram, documenting her family’s holiday. A number of members were seen opening gifts, playing with each other’s children, and taking the children to the back to enjoy rides down an inflatable castle slide.

It’s unclear where Anna and the seven children she shares with eldest son Duggar, 33, spent the 2021 vacation. But Josh was where she will be for many more Christmases to come: behind bars. He spent Christmas completely alone in solitary confinement after being jailed following the December 9 guilty verdicts in his child pornography case.

After a six-day trial, a federal jury in Arkansas convicted Josh after just under seven hours of deliberating on two charges: a count of receive child pornography material and a count of possession of child pornography material. According to prosecutors, some of those images were of children under the age of 12.

Josh was really alone at Christmas, as he wasn’t even allowed out of his cell to have dinner with other inmates. While the rest of his family were enjoying a homemade Christmas party, Josh was reportedly receiving a traditional holiday meal, albeit prepared for the inmates.

Josh may not have a home cooked meal for many years to come. He faces up to 20 years in prison on each count and will discover his fate when he is sentenced on a date to be set in 2022. The former reality star will remain behind bars until then.

Even if Josh hadn’t been locked up, he probably wouldn’t have been welcomed back into the family fold after his sentence. Many of Josh’s brothers and relatives have come out against him following the guilty verdicts in his case. His sister, Jinger Duggar Vuolo he said it was “tgrateful to God for exposing Josos’ actions “and” fears for his soul “, calling him a” hypocrite “who has brought” dishonor to the name of Christ “.

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