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Ángela Aguilar creates a trend for 2022 with her nails | Instagram

Surely once you become popular in one sector, developing in others makes it easier, as happened with Ángela Aguilar, which fashion dictates with them nail and its beautiful decoration, started this 2022 by creating trends.

Apparently Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter tends to do so without realizing the impact of her publications, which reach into the millions and these in turn are shared by the excitement of seeing how good it fits in her.

This time Angela Aguilar she decided to wear her nails painted in a metallic color, which has become a favorite of millions, they are perfect for starting the year and wowing anyone who sees them.

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While it’s not the first time these types of colors have been in fashion in a while, for some internet users seeing them for the first time is thrilling, especially when a major celebrity tends to paint their nails in a particular way, just like this one. time.

Ángela Aguilar has an excellent taste in fashion and continually proves it | Instagram

Interestingly, fans of singer follow her fashions or follow the design line she is wearing at that moment and she in turn tends to use the fashion trends of the big international brands such as Versace.

This fan-shared photo of the 18-year-old singer was shared on a fan page of Angela Aguilar, where she is more than ready to enjoy delicious rose-shaped snow.

Angela was using her nails with a colorful shade of metallic blue paint, this is noticeable due to the fact that the photo was a bit close and carefully took the snow cone she was about to test.

Although the photo is not current due to the haircut that the interpreter of “La Llorona” has, those who see it from now on will surely want to have a nail polish identical to yours.

Definitely the youngest member of the Aguilar clan, she was enjoying a vacation trip, wearing a fairly casual dress, jeans and a black top with some silver necklaces, various bracelets and some rings that decorated her beautiful hands.

For millions of women, a woman’s beauty and discipline, so to speak, begins with the care of her nails, this is like a presentation without first making any sound with her voice.

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