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DAY 5096 (i)

Jalsa, Mumbai Jan 31, 2022 Mon 1:05 PM

An addition tonight, well actually it happened earlier in the day, but its presence was hindered due to the saturation context cerebrum – the SCC!

Its the form of a fresh ailment that has invaded us in these times of all kinds of greek viruses plaguing the universe – brain saturation!

So much has been written and expressed on it that it needs no further explain. We are so differently informed in droves and tsunamis of extraneous information, that the brain, especially in the aged, gets overloaded and zips past unfinished works without batting an eye lid ..

It did this afternoon. Wanted to share this article with all, put it in the space and went in the direction of another chore and .. gone .. the need to write what I do now had gone ..

So am back with the content of the ‘afte’ – another School term, meaning afternoon – sharing an article written by my Classmate in Sherwood Class of 1958. He joined the Indian Army and the article says all that I would never have been to describe about him.

Ravi Palsokar, his desk in Class was next to mine, good allrounder – studies sports – and made a position for himself in the Army.

Sherwood as many may know was established during the time of the British as an initiation to the young in preparation to join the Forces – a kind of semi Army School. All or most of the curriculum was designed along those lines – the name Sherwood, the Houses, Robin Hood, Allen a Dale, Little John, Friar Tuck – great names that to us in the comic books and stories in books depicted physical heroes, adventurous and brave, who fought for the good of the needy also.

Our physical activities were prominent in the spirit of a prepare for the Armed Forces – the dress uniforms, the morning parades, the polished shoes and badges, the dormitory inspections in order, the PT classes and all the physical acts a compulsory diktat – boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, marching et al ..

Several went to the reason of their admission in Sherwood – a few from the Class of 1958 – Ravi Palsokar, Mohan Singh, Chittwal, ..

and this article is by Palsokar ..


.. a great sense of pride .. in Ravi, in Sherwood and in the Armed Forces ..



Amitabh Bachchan

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