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DAY 5096

Jalsa, Mumbai 30/31 January 2022 Sun / Mon 9:51 am

Tomorrow .. January 31 .. is the birthday of Ef Valentina Ivanovna, Ef Sourav Banerjee, and Ef Madhumita Gupta ..
Love .. 🌹✨.. and I and those of the whole family Ef send all of them well-being wishes and greetings ..

There is concern over the spread of CoViD, in whatever Greek form it may be, because it seems to be everywhere and every other day there is news of near and dear ones suffering and succumbing to its presence.

My prayers continue for those who strive to do so, and for those who are saved to be safe, cared for and precautionary 🙏

Nationally the situation continues to change every day – one or two here, one or two closer – and the management of its occurrence and its cure begins with seriousness. The trials, the isolation, the conditions that must prevail for life to continue, the work to move forward, all of a sudden, they need attention. And worry prevails.

The last year or two have given us a change that was never intended, but had to. The thinking, the operation, the execution, the planning have gone wrong. And nature tells us, man, you’re not going to dictate to me, I am. And we realize that nature is right and that we have been wrong a lot since day one.

for today and this letter is enough .. you have to meditate and think and let it sink ..

My love ❤️❤️

Amitabh Bachchan

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