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DAY 5095

Jalsa, Mumbai Jan 29/30, 2022 Sat / Sun 1:53 AM


Tomorrow .. Jan 30th .. is the birthday of Ef Gayetri ,, Ef Nasser Algharibeh ,, and Ef Yash Goveas ..

.. and the 29th .. is also the birthday of Ef Heba Mamdoh from Egypt .. 🇪🇬

Love .. 🌹.. greetings to all and the wishes for a beautiful day .. be safe and protected .. from the Ef family ❤️❤️

I had said I would be back, but failed .. and among the many failures, another one .. to experience to learn and to seek forgiveness ..

The excess information that is readily available in these times of the times, has crowded our cerebrum to its capacity .. or a capacity that it has not been subjected to ..

.. and the solution to the realm of forgetfulness haunts us each hour ..

.. as the chore for one is being executed the mind travels to the several others that need to be done, remembered and executed .. this is not necessarily an obstacle .. knowing what else needs attention or completion invigorates the mind .. but to a limitation .. and when that limitation LOC gets transgressed, the enemy sneaks in – the remember !!

a name an incident that was there at the tip of the tongue vanishes to deep frustration and the thinking is that the various ailments linked to forgetfulness is taking over .. perhaps, perhaps not ..

many remedies get suggested .. some allopathic, some natural and some as discussed earlier – at the end of the day, on retiring, sit by the edge of the bed and recount all that you went through the entire day .. what you di on getting up to all that you did the entire day .. great exercise they say for the brain and for the factor of recall ..

good if this can happen .. else the modern tech has given us so many different utensils to register record and document, it is now believably, not a chance in hell to overlook or forget – so long as you know and remember the password of the utensil to open .. or else your face! .. which I dare say keeps undergoing changes as well .. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 .. at my age !!

.. so .. they were planning schedules of work .. and they put some timetables for the month of March .. and the balance in December .. 😳😳😳

whoaaa ..! stop I told them .. the producer director shall loose face continuity of mine .. at my age the changes occur each day .. months later shall be another individual ..

.. I think they understood .. but insist ..

too bad .. they shall realise soon enough ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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