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DAY 5094

Jalsa, Mumbai Jan 28/29, 2022 Fri / Sat 11:44 AM


Tomorrow .. Jan 29th .. shall be the birthday of Ef Ram Bhole .. and Ef Naresh Saraswat from Surat who’s joining the 30 club this year ..

.. and .. January the 28th .. marks also the birthday of TwEf Hemlata Sai Saini from Aligarh ..

Love .. 🌹

Oh dear .. it occurs often these days .. but the conditioning of work schedules undergo altered changes, due to the Covid – whatever Greek version it is – and this puts a dilemma to the writing of the DAY ..

Alright .. brekka (can never be far away from School lingo) has just been served .. its 12:10 PM and I need to devour to survive .. so see ya in a while

Amitabh Bachchan


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