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DAY 5093

Jalsa, Mumbai Jan 27/28, 2022 Thu / Fri 12:26 AM

Birthday – Nitasha Sidorov .. .. Friday, January 28 .. with love for a blessed day .. ❤️❤️❤️

It is now settled debate .. the introduction of work schedules takes away many of the stable concerns that dribbled about in front of the goal post and not scoring ..

Work had begun .. but the adventure of its start somehow felt better today and several of the unfinished work that there was in the absence in, sprung to size and style and overtook all else ..

It may have been routine, but the effects of its affect were downright impressive .. lasting .. involved and leaving behind the lightheartedness of humanity ..

Submit and be damned .. anywhere ..

bring in the faith of the self .. in decision .. in the likes and dislikes .. in endeavor without prescription .. and the ailment of a non performer suddenly starts to begin its graphic trend into the slope of time ..

do not look for constant approval from any other .. or any other that has ever brought you up to think this and the end of all other .. it would be a sacrilege .. a despondency .. a loss of hope and the futility of survival ..

the self knows no better than any other .. its a matter of not being seen .. yet .. seen .. and that be the most difficult part of existence ..

strength shall need the will to muscle up .. physicality is not the be all of life .. there are many other ‘calities .. each fresh and unique, unable to explain themselves ..

that is the key of life .. in all its glory ..

good night and love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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