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DAY 5091

Jalsa, Mumbai 25 Jan 2022 Tue 23:36

Tomorrow .. January 26 .. the Republic Day of India .. is .. the birthday of Ef Miten Lapsia ..
the artist .. bless your brush .. 🎨🖌️

Happy Republic Day in India! .. 🇮🇳✨

Birthday Ef – Miten Lapsia .. Wednesday, January 26 .. best wishes for the day ..

Oh my God .. sorry 😔
.. yesterday .. 25 January .. together with Ef Priyanka Verma’s birthday .. it was also Ef Tilak Rishi’s birthday ..
.. he would have turned 89 this year ..
.. he is a writer and researcher in Cinema .. and he has written many books on Hindi cinema .. of which he shared excerpts on the Blog ..
It has been a long time since we saw Tilak ji connect to the Blog .. and we hope that he is well in health and well-being .. but his inspiring and enlightening inputs and comments on Cinema and many aspects shared over the years in our House with the EF are always remembered and loved ..
.. sorry if I missed it .. 😔🙏🏻
Thanks .. 🌹
Love .. ❤️

Change .. brings an alternative .. looks respectable in its inception, but soon they realize the former was better before .. so back to the former ..

it does not always happen like this .. for me it happened today, indeed for me a short time ago .. the lamps that illuminate the desk, the comp, the writing, the pens and the sheets had to be at an angle to avoid the shadows on the subject presenting with the fingers and hand .. from the left for those who use the right hand so that the shadow falls over the writing .. from the right for those who write with the left hand so that the shadow falls on the other side ..

it didn’t work at all .. so in times of uncertainty implement both options ..

now the lamps on both sides .. and the shadows be cursed .. 😳😳

it is not such a topical issue for the missive here, but the mood is such that whatever attracts attention in the times of nowhere ..

.. and nothing has ever been so important as in the hour .. say nothing and be in the break .. the thresholds of expressing be in the mildest formality .. never before has so much been put out for a while. .

we, the people ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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