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DAY 5090

Jalsa, Mumbai 24/25 Jan 2022 Mon / Tue 12:11 AM

Birthday Ef – Priyanka Verma .. Tuesday 25 January ..and our best wishes for a celebratory day from the whole family Ef .. love ❤️❤️🌷

the Sun shines bright and strong .. for a while and then the cool breeze takes over .. bringing relief to the fire that burns through the skin ..

life ..

some get burned .. others wait for the breeze ..

This morning I sat outside under the brightness again .. and sustained the heat of the heat only to be soothed again by the caring and caressing breeze that flowed almost immediately ..

the chores or jobs that remain pending scroll the lists the pages the time necessary for completion .. it irritates that a definitive step has not been taken even today .. and the day is over ..

.. and the work will have to be rescheduled ..

garbage ..

this is not the thought of sanity .. he has to prevail and exert his strength and will to execute .. he will have .. and he will ..

there is nothing wrong with expressing it, although it may not be intended ..🤣 .. but that is what will get the job done .. you laughed at me .. in the end i will laugh again ..

.. and work for it ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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