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DAY 5089

Jalsa, Mumbai 23/24 Jan 2022 Sun / Mon 01.15

Happy wedding anniversary to Babuji and Maaji .. January 24, 1942 .. 💕✨🌹🌹🙏🏻🙏🏻
.. never loved and remembered .. ✨

.. and the January 24 .. it’s the birthday of Ef Vijay Kumar Joshi .. (Mr. VK Joshi) ..
Love .. 🌹

.. and birthday wishes from the family Ef ..

No .. the memories do not come back .. they are with me all the time .. the return is out .. today and always today is in ..

what sense does memory have .. because every time it is expressed it brings with it the uselessness of the absence .. of its pleasantness at the time, and the reality that has not been personally witnessed .. read and written yes .. but the interpretation of the written word will always be individual .. not exhaustive in its universality or presence .. your image of time and event will prevail over all the rest, expressed in the most flowery fluency of the written word .. but never in the sense of its own the more true it happens ..

and this is the tragedy of memory, in its expression beyond the self .. the self will always be in its sincerity .. its relationship may never be the same with the other ..

can and must never .. try so hard ..

leave it .. leave it in the diluted tributaries of the brain, to enlighten the owner, and never transferred to ..

incessant laughter and uninterrupted laughter of the sarcastic honey of the hive .. sweet when extracted .. disturbed – the queen bee bite .. in protection ..

then protect .. until the end ..

the chemical substances build on the altered physiognomy of nature in man or in the life of the living .. and the partial and limited duration gives vent to the imprisoned limits of light-heartedness .. rising, exalting and fluctuating in its consumption .. pretends in front of you in the error of the conquest .. but builds his war front to break through an impenetrable wall of natures will …

and when that happens .. you deflate yourself to the norm of the unity of everything .. in his handicapped presence in us .. and you rest .. rest in the guided reassurance that he is not the only one, he is the whole, which is in it ..

when asked or recalled, the desire is to revisit .. but not because it has been asked .. but to bring selfish reassurance .. within the confines of the only .. wonder and question oneself, and not be overwhelmed by the attraction of the ‘other’ in the compliment ..

so be it ..

My love


Amitabh Bachchan

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