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DAY 5088

Jalsa, Mumbai 22/23 Jan 2022 Sat / Sun 01:02

Birthday – EF – Subash Vaid .. Sunday 23 January ..and best wishes for this birthday to you from the Ef family… ❤️🙏

Tomorrow .. 23rd January .. is the birthday of the ever caring and one of the kindest souls of the Extended Family .. Ef Subash Vaid .. who always remembers everyone’s anniversaries .. and always wishes everyone well .. in the true Spirit of the Eph ..

No, there is no desire, no desire .. just a need .. and the need to be in the company of those who love and show gratitude .. and many wonder why I make this connection and how it has lasted for so many DAYS. .and I tell them to ask you ..

then answer them and answer ..

the semblance of documentation and the order of disorder in the general conditions around me and around me were the most evident .. and the intent to condition it, record it, archive it, digitize it and whatever the technological formulas suggested in these rapidly evolving inventions is a nuisance .. because what may be relevant today is becoming irrelevant to tomorrow .. and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ..

by spending some time with those who are aware of inventions and the latest gadgets of thought, one discovers so many aspects of where the world is traveling that scares the mind.

the eventuality is that the human will ultimately be irrelevant .. his avatar will exist which will be being everything and doing all of ourselves .. which means that an avatar will be built on what he will do, perform and live as the individual it forms his avatar from .. so the real will evaporate and the unreal avatar will be the real recognized ..

time limits will always prevail .. and over time everything will suddenly become prevalent ..

I had overlooked a recent and ongoing shopping bag over time .. but opening it today, I could not find a single item that needed or did not have an excessively wasted presence ..

relevant beyond value when acquired .. impertinent now ..

the gadgets that some have collected over the years, myself included, in their obsolete do not need any requirements .. and a shame because they were so necessary and precious then .. and now others invent themselves fat surpass them, and in so doing their material worthy for the garbage .. !!

and the learning from this is that everything that needs to be obtained in gadgets, must be used for a maximum of three months and then replaced, thrown away or simply kept on the street to be picked up by the garbage truck.

It won’t be long before this form of mine .. the AB .. finds itself in the queue for the retreat, because the avatar will have taken over ..

love and good night .. from me .. me AB ..

only confirming before starting to think that the other has taken over ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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