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DAY 5087

Jalsa, Mumbai 21/22 Jan 2022 Fri / Sat 12:47 am

It is the obsession of the mind that wanders in eclectic dimensions .. in search of the ultimate dedication and devotion to the life of those who gave birth to the writer ..

The balance of unfinished or postponed jobs in professional hours has left a deep void .. the one who seeks presence or involvement in the work at bay ..

There is little to ask for the time taken due to this condition .. the body and mind are not used to vacancies ..

There are many objects of work that can be devised .. but never know which one and when to start .. that in itself is the dichotomy of life .. or is it irony ..

The vastness of the horizon of knowledge, like most horizons, is beyond reach in a lifetime .. there will never be an unknown and unreached educated education to be calculated in geometric graphs, which increase exponentially in the northerly direction ..


The presence everywhere .. very similar to the virus .. serious in some, unworthy of protocol in others .. or so Zarathustra spoke .. I wonder .. through, a certain Mr. Friedrich Nietzsche

Oh! these philosophies of life and life .. and faith in their writings .. defeating the words of Babuji’s autobiography


Amitabh Bachchan

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