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DAY 5086

Jalsa, Mumbai 20/21 January 2022 Thu / Fri 11:38 am

A delay ..

But the reasons are different and irrelevant .. they are more inside than outside .. within no particular consequence, but all the same there ..

Some time was spent returning to the events of Babuji’s autobiography, which began with a reference from a friend – an academic friend – which was a great inspired reflection on some of my Father’s philosophies. And when you discover the imagery of the reference, the depth of observation, the soul, the heart… there is immense regret on my part. A regret that nothing has ever been done to recognize his contributions .. to lead to research .. to open the window as such to the many who have tasted his words .. and to find that greater meaning .. on life, about existence and just to be ..

And it is a regret that the unknown remains unknown ..


Unless something has to be done to bring it to life …

And it is in that thought that the mind wanders looking for a solution or a direction ..

It is not a dead wall that one faces .. it is malleable .. it needs the time and the mind of the other to come forward, suggest, think and give it a hand for its fruiting ..

The human mind and the type in the entire Universe have never been against the mind that thinks and seeks … our evolution has depended on it, and it will be in the future too … it just needs that gentle push, a nudge in the right path and humanity takes over ..

I have been pushed and pushed often and given the path many times .. and I have taken time, like most Libras, in the decision making process .. and I hear quite often, about what can be done, how and when. .

There are answers to everything: what, how and when ..

There are also the answers .. they need execution ..

Even a small start will be enough ..

Until then ..

in my thoughts .. and his words ..

“… The truth of life and the truth of words are two distinct entities. All the literature of the whole world is a feeble and vain attempt to grasp life. At the risk of exaggerating, I would go so far as to say that there is no equivalence between the truth of life and the word, and seen from the perspective of life, the truth of words is a great (but beautiful) lie. Can something written in blood be transcribed with ink? Can a lifeless pen prove the actions of our nerves and muscles? Can the poignant vibrations that touch the tender fabric of the heart and mind be applied to a white sheet of paper? “

“And therefore, reader (forgive me if I address you as Montaigne), my book is a great lie in the face of life and I see no reason why you should let yourself be seduced by my fine words to spend more precious time in such useless things. and purposeless pastimes. Thus, on the seventh day of the seventh month of 1977, Bachchan takes his leave.

a translation from “In The Afternoon Of Time” .. his autobiography abridged in English

.. his humble character, his absolute honesty in his writings and the quote from the great Michel de Montaigne, to whom he refers before each of his volumes ..


My love everyone


Amitabh Bachchan

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