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DAY 5084

Jalsa, Mumbai 18/19 Jan 2022 Tue / Wed 11:32 am

Tomorrow .. January 19th .. is Ef Dipal’s birthday .. and .. Ef Jyoti Punjabi ..
Love and Prayers .. 🌹.. and the best wishes of salvation and protection of all time .. from the family Ef

No .. it’s not lethargy or forgetfulness .. nor is it any of the other excuses that normally follow a late blog .. it’s just times of the times ..

The way the times of time move, are significantly different from the times of the past .. and this is not to compare or find faults, but to understand and believe that we have been built by the Almighty to move in the times of time. .

Change will always prevail .. should .. evolution happens with change .. otherwise we would all be living dinosaurs and flying fish in immense proportions ..

So if we are evolving towards an improved state … an improved body and brain, then accommodate what is pushing us towards it.

And this is the reason for the speed and this is the reason for the delays because the past has taken some time to recover so to speak .. if it ever has the ability to recover .. yes, the ability to recover is age related .. either you take it or you retire to your corner and sit down .. accept .. and be happy ..

BUT .. if there is no need for contentment .. then take the course, learn it, educate yourself, try it, practice its evolution, put it to the test and example and go out waving a flag ..

I was trying to do that .. waving a flag .. it took some time .. because the learning speed is beyond the reach of the “old” ..

HOWEVER .. what was most excited was the revelation of the fresh the new the advanced the latest with it ..

And this is attractive to me .. the love of change .. the love of the different .. the new and how to bring it to the present use .. being one with one, in unity ..

My love .. my gratitude .. and my happiness in the presence of the Ef ..

You are the change and the evolution ..

and I love you ..

Amitabh Bachchan

and there is another development .. an attempt to bring out the DAY in perhaps a translator for them who might know the translator ..

so French and Arabic are the two that will be presented every day hopefully .. and I will also work on Hindi ..



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