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DAY 5083

Jalsa, Mumbai 17/18 Jan 2022 Mon / Tue 12:32 AM

.. and in silent birthday wishes to the EFs who celebrate their birthdays on January 18 .. Ef Rama Sirisha, e, Ef Sonia Sehgal .. silent for the occasion .. but the greetings of affection are always loud and sensational in their sense ..
And for Ef Partho Das and his dear respected wife, Smt. Panchali Das .. greetings for their 24th wedding anniversary on January 18th .. 💍💕

Love .. 🌹

.. and midnight has passed to the next day .. and the memory of Babuji .. his ‘punya tithi’ .. पुण्य तिथि .. in the virtuous moment .. of the fulfillment of his exceptional life ..

..and we have not even touched a hair of his contribution to the world of literature .. nor have we tried to do so ..

.. but there are some who appreciate and exhibit their wishes .. like the city of Wroclaw in Poland where its miniature statue adorns the street ..

.. and the glory they decide to bring on this important special day is a charity event, to be collected for those in need and in need ..

‘The topic of today’s message, I believe, will bring a warm glow to Your heart in this cold season. The thing is, to honor the anniversary of your father’s death, the 18thth in January, its commemorative dwarf in Wroclaw will form the centerpiece of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (WOSP) fundraising efforts for the region.

This year, the local WOSP committee chose your father’s commemorative dwarf as a central symbol in promoting the event.

I trust you will agree that this is an excellent development and that the commemoration of your father continues to benefit society at large. ‘


“So“ what is this WOSP? ”I hear your cry.

WOSP is the largest charity event on the Polish calendar and focuses on the health and well-being of the most disadvantaged people in our society (originally it was for children, then children and the elderly, now more generally). It’s a serious fundraising effort based on fun and engagement. Most of the fundraising activities are carried out by an army of local volunteers. So an added benefit is building community action and awareness.

The annual Grand Finale fundraiser is organized by over 1,700 local fundraising centers, which manage public fundraising and organize various cultural and sporting events locally. 120,000 volunteers are involved in the one-day charity event. Volunteers are raising funds everywhere, where there is an active Polish community – from the United States to Japan. On this point, the city of Wroclaw has offered to help as much as possible and thanks to the QR code on the nano it will be visible all over the world. , thus helping easier world donations. So our HRB tribute will be a very important element of the fundraising effort.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (WOSP) is a charitable organization registered under Polish law. In 29 years of charitable work, he raised nearly US $ 379,000,000 (INR 28,000,000,000), donating over 67,300 medical equipment to public hospitals.

The financial means to purchase equipment and finance the management of medical and educational programs are raised during a one-day public fundraiser. The fundraiser, known as The Grand Finale, is traditionally held on Jan.30 22 “.

courtesy of the Honorary Consul, India .. shri Kartikey Johri

… and yes, his photos are among many, but the images never convey Babuji’s prayer and presence on January 18th ..

so there’s just 🌷🌷🌷 .. and prayers ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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