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DAY 5083 (i) to translate FRENCH

as mentioned before ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 5083 (ii) – translated into French

Day 5083
Jalsa, Mumbai 17/18 January Mon / March 00h32

It’s after midnight .. and it’s the day my father left us ..
.. he lived an exceptional life ..
.. and you can never touch a hair of its size .. you can’t even dare to do it ..
But there are those who have a good heart .. and who express their affection for my father .. and pay him nice gifts ..
.. like, for example, the good people of the city of Wroclaw in Poland .. where my father’s statue adorns one of its streets ..
.. and it is a glory to know that they have decided to bring a charity event to honor the anniversary of his death on January 18th ..
This year .. the committee of the Charitable Foundation of the Great Christmas Orchestra (WOSP) chose the statue of my father Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan as a central symbol in the promotion of his charity event .. and thanks to the QR Code on the statue, the event will be visible to all ..
The (WOSP) .. The Great Christmas Charity Orchestra .. (in Polish: Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy – WOŚP) .. is the largest non-profit foundation in Poland .. whose primary focus is on activities related to the health and well-being of most disadvantaged in society.
The (WOSP) is particularly known for the concert organized every year: The ending of Christmas Aid Grand Orchestra ..
The annual fundraiser Great Final it is organized by more than 1700 local fundraising centers .. which manage public fundraising and organize various cultural and sporting events .. There are 120,000 volunteers involved in the event ..
This year’s Grand Final will traditionally be held January 30 22 ..
.. as His Excellency, Honorary Consul, from India to Poland, Shri Kartikey Johri, informed me in his message ..

I feel really proud .. and I am really moved .. thank you His Excellency Shri Kartikey Johri! .. thanks WOSP! .. thanks Wroclaw! .. thanks Poland! ..
.. my heart is full of gratitude for you and affection ..

… and .. yes .. his photos are numerous .. but, I’m afraid that the photos can never convey the prayer and the presence of my father on that day of January 18th ..
.. so there is only 🌷🌷🌷 .. and prayers ..
Thank you ..

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