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DAY 5082

Jalsa, Mumbai 16/17 January 2022 Sun / Mon 01:01 am

Tomorrow .. January 17th .. is the birthday of Ef Ayush Mehta and Ef Siddharth Gour ..
Love and prayers .. and our best wishes for a safe and secure birthday .. love from the family Ef ..

it was time to fix the duvet and be sheltered from the torpor .. but as the night progressed the desire to be with the Ef was prominent and insistent ..

and as the days go by the wonder of it all creeps in .. how .. how did we do this .. these 5082 days numbered without a fall .. and the dedication of the EF, which has aged along with this rather decrepit old man there ‘man .. the one who refused to make sense or reason in his missives .. to be around .. 🤷🏻‍♀️ .. !!

.. and now that they try to get to work early in the morning .. albeit in a controlled environment of ‘saptaswar’ .. dubbing to act to voice the film of a well-known friend from the neighboring state ..

saptaswar: sapt – 7; swar – music notes .. the place for the 7 notes of music .. the setting of the recording studio in Janak .. a small square that barely accommodates two and a half people .. a requiem for peace and calm and creative inspiration. . sometimes ..

my personal little airway of lonely nerve ..


or maybe ..


or maybe this ..


… in the solitude of the situation the need for that extra-curricular activity bends towards many ..

learn the instrument of the keys and the raga of the seven swars .. learn the language of the city in the state .. learn the european language of the sweetest end .. or further north in the kingdom of the greatest breadth in the eastern Slavic speaking region ..

in a state where love and affection have always surprised me

or what gives the dominion of affection in everything ..

Or what wins affection, love and loneliness

let love prevail .. goodness be accepted and the world of connected unity be ONE ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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