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DAY 5080

Jalsa, Mumbai 14/15 January 2022 Fri / Sat 1:32 am

.. the diversity of India .. an India, but holidays with different names .. equal greetings for happiness, peace, well-being and celebration .. ONENESS ..

No, do not wander in the desert of thought .. thought thinks, but rarely expresses reality .. they remain inside .. and if they expressed themselves, it would justify reality ..

thoughts invade this page every DAY, with the express of holding hands, hearts, love and affection, with a gesture of emotion .. ❤️ ..

some understand .. some believe they understand .. some confirm their understanding .. some imagine their understanding ..

and some .. some few .. some very few ..

I have no idea..

and this select congregation in its vacuous and determined unbridled desire, charges itself into the opposite of meaningful expression and understanding, stands upright in the aligned belief of a correctness, which has blown past them.

happens ..

it often happens ..

when the connection is a determined force, it overflows with affection designed to never be lost and forgotten.

The partial declarations continue unabated .. breaking all the rules and barriers of the protocol ..

so happily accepted .. in their generosity ..

we love small talk .. brave bold brave undaunted, fearless, devoid of weakness .. hitherto suffocated in the inferiority complex .. no more .. this is GenX, Y, Z or whatever the nomenclature is ..

we love you .. ❤️❤️❤️

Look back in anger .. the low bourgeoisie Osborne with the prominent high .. the conflict between those who have more and therefore embellished in relief in all spheres, against those who do not have, but are in greater ..

be sure of the prayers that come from here every day, with them needing to be released from the disturbance..🙏🙏🙏


Amitabh Bachchan

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