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DAY 5079

Jalsa, Mumbai 13/14 Jan 2022 Thu / Fri 02:28

.. sincere prayers .. for those who suffer, or are prey to what is causing it .. 🙏🙏🙏

.. the numerous information that filters with blatant confirmations of behaviors and conditions, are so vast that the belief in them or in what they give requires an encyclopedic mind to understand them and act accordingly with correctness ..

.. the screen of the hand is being all and ending all ..

.. the world is shrinking and glass with a rectangular frame is the guide for everyone ..

.. the silence of the night is different .. the quiet is the apprehension of living and life in isolation .. the strange siren of the ambulance indicates the unpleasant ..

.. nothing else moves or feels moving ..

it is forbidden to go out or expect to meet the outside .. the four walls are the best .. what is inside remains inside .. the outside, outside .. what extends outside and idle internal is subject to trials and concerns ..

.. never before in the history of the world, has there been a commonality in the reference to a word .. and perhaps never before, has it formed discussion in homes to this extent ..

but this becomes unwanted chatter, and in the unwanted realm of the express letter .. get away from it, scatter the dust, in its wake but be far and far away .. it is not suitable for the DAY ..

As a matter of fact or there is some truth in sharing, that when there is an opportunity to see a serial, episode by episode .. we begin to behave and behave the way the characters do in the presentation enactment. . it was a concrete experience for many .. I will not undertake to do it, because the immediate question would be ‘what series are you watching’ .. and this would betray the ways and the conduct .. 🤣🤣

so we abstain ..

Looking up towards the top of the desk to find the timekeeper’s arms crawling with delicate movements around 3 am .. and this will give a provocation to the dedicated EF, to do, evaluate and express ..

do not go there ..

let it go .. go ahead ..

and in closing..I love you Virat .. ❤️❤️🤣🤣😳😳

Amitabh Bachchan

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