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DAY 5078

Jalsa, Mumbai 12/13 Jan 2022 Wed / Thu 10:30 am

Tomorrow .. January 13 .. is the birthday of Ef Ekram Mahmoud from Egypt ..

With love .. and in God’s ever “Karam” .. and the pursuit of His Blessings for the healing and safety and well-being and happiness of all. love from the whole family Ef .. ❤️❤️❤️

“Over time, all of our basic needs have become more manageable and accessible.”

.. distance .. product .. answers .. needs .. information .. solution ..

name it and it will be delivered .. answered, discovered and given .. but the only solution or answer that was lacking in, was the absence from the Blog ..

.. even excuses get answers ..

.. this for everyone on this beautiful day .. of celebration and celebration ..


may peace prevail .. may the security of terror be distant and aloof .. may the precaution of self-care be prominent .. and may those who suffer, not just the afflicted, but those who have daily needs for life and sustenance , can be pulled out of anguish and rescue in the speed of time ..

.. that desire of the girl at the traffic light, holding a bouquet of flowers to buy, until recently she was earning a living .. now she stretches her had to buy not to live .. reaches out and brings it to her mouth and to the lips .. expresses hunger for food .. a meal .. a meal for the day, until late at night ..

.. I have not suffered .. I drive .. disguised .. the social distancing does not recommend to lower the window .. it is through the expressions of the hand that you make me come, come home around the corner .. tomorrow I will do it .. she readily agrees ..

.. simplicity .. humility .. obedience .. for that meal !!

what a party .. what a party .. ???

give give give .. so another can be celebrating ..🙏🙏🙏


Amitabh Bachchan

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