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DAY 5077

Jalsa, Mumbai 11/12/2022 Tue / Wed 02:02

.. examples become innate attitudes .. seen observed or felt, they remain even after reality begins to drown them .. the natural elements of self-nature are the first to be affected .. the behavior of language and changes in behavior .. other than behaviors of the natural .. strange .. lives inside .. long after the event is closed and closed ..

.. and learning from it, lingers on .. used in terms of daily life and registered life ..

.. and the motivations continue .. they invite impress they become partners .. they are yours .. in substance and presence ..

.. linger .. then linger with them .. allow them the freedom to be obsessed and overwhelmed by their will .. they survive, we live ..

.. it is the destiny of those who have felt the winds of effervescent and perfumed waves around them .. enveloped by the calm and the need of his presence around them ..

.. Yes ..

.. yes I do .. I connect with the many who need prayer .. every day .. every hour .. and for a long time .. it’s irritating .. I try to ask to leave but they desist to interrupt. . they don’t, they exchange .. and I continue ..

.. the comments, the opinions have lost .. the content has prevailed over all .. the content turns the wheel of fortune in its limited speed, guided and rotated, not by nature, but by the human .. it will stop or it will he will move at will, which may never be the same again .. defeated or victorious he will never be in limbo .. opinion about it will survive .. and that’s all that will survive .. he will survive, not believing in the final judgment. . will survive for its content nothing else ..

Where I was yesterday, not in that place today; Tomorrow it’s hard to be in this place

Main jahan khada tha kal, us thal par aaj nahin; kal issi jagah phir paana mujhko mushkil hai


Amitabh Bachchan

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