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DAY 5076

Jalsa, Mumbai 10/11 Jan 2022 Mon / Tue 02:12 AM

Tomorrow 11 date, 2022, birthday ‘EF’, Susan S. Of , And congratulations from all of us on this day, stay safe, stay healthy, this is the wish of the whole family.

Tomorrow .. 11 of 1 of 22 .. is the birthday of Ef Susan S .. Biggada times Ef ..
Love .. prayers .. 🌹

stay safe and wish everyone well ..

.. the Sun in the clearest of skies and in the sweetest of breezes .. the pollution of the unaware sound in its stillness .. the chirping of birds around, strange in their chatter .. and the eminence of the reclining chair ..

.. I had not seen for years the natural shine .. nor the reason in the expanse of the lawn .. nor the reason for the scheduled timing for the pre-established works .. and the care of time and punctuality, simply fluttering in the wind. .

.. nature made for us .. and the desecration we do in return .. sin ..

.. the attraction of the content on the screen, in the recommendation of the progeny .. and the numbness of never wanting to leave it orphan .. even as it is now at this hour, it is at stake .. but the connection .. the DAY and its Andfervent F.aculty .. can never be put aside ..

.. Here you are ..

.. and the partial comment fell on the nose again .. the victory smashed them by the ropes .. the stool of the corners was covered with sponge sprinkled with water for awakening and the gum guards moved .. giving instructions and tips trained to defeat the assault .. failed ..

.. and WIN ..

NO .. no no no .. do not lead to complain .. it is never good .. shut up for the good .. stay in the quiet of dignity and reserve .. the class will pay .. not classified filled with the excess of and for the other CHAMPS, okay and allowed .. warm the crates of the fallen, to no avail .. back to slam back in return ..

.. Or I hold back now .. the extension of adverse is never decent ..

.. we rest and rest in the peace of victory .. nothing gives an adequate response to the result ..

World Hindi Day .. and greetings to all ..

.. and we have the detailed details from our Ef Vikas ..

Hello lord and love

Today’s special in Hindi day

Hindi is constitutionally the first official language of India and the most widely spoken and understood language of India. It is also the most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese.
Hindi and its dialects are spoken in various states of northern and central India. More than 600 million people speak, read and write Hindi in India and other countries. Most of the people of Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, Suriname and some people of Nepal speak Hindi.
Hindi is moving towards becoming a world language by going through the stages of the national language, the official language, the contact language and the public language. The prediction of the scientists related to language development is very satisfying to Hindi lovers that in the coming times Hindi will be prominent even among the few languages ​​of international importance worldwide.

Hindi is a scientific language

And because every letter is like this, there is some reason behind it, this thing is not visible in the English language.

A, B, C, D, – are called Kanthavya, because the sound comes out of the throat during their pronunciation.
Speak once and see.

Cha, Chha, J, Jha, J – they were called talavya, because the tongue touches the palate while pronouncing them. Speak once and see.

T, th, d, dh, n – they were called murdhnya, because their pronunciation is possible only when playing the language.
Speak once and see.

Ta, th, da, dha, na – they are called dental, because the tongue touches the teeth at the moment of their pronunciation.
Speak once and see.

P, F, B, Bh, Ma, – were called Oshthya, because they are pronounced only when the lips meet.
Speak once and see.

We are proud of our language, that’s true, but we also tell people why. There is no such science in any language in the world.
Jai Hind “

Just look at what A, B, C says …
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••
a – don’t worry
b- do not spoil
c- don’t be proud
d- don’t brag
f- don’t worry
Do not cheat
h- take responsibility
J – don’t lie
t – do not comment
do not cheat
d- don’t be shy
don’t pretend
don’t be bullied
do not get tired
d- be kind
do not cheat
don’t be meek
p- do not sin
f- don’t do stupid things
b- do not spoil
be emotional
I- Be sweet
y- be successful
A- Don’t cry
do not wish
W- I don’t hate
don’t be hostile
stand still like a hexagon
c- tell the truth
h- be cheerful
q- I’m sorry
do not worry
Be informed !!

Vika Bansal

.. and the masters of those ‘lost in translation’ will make it convenient for Challenged Hindi to give them a reasonable translation of the above .. the language the science the presence .. in our world ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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