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DAY 5075

Jalsa, Mumbai Jan 9, 2022 Sun 10:03 PM

Tomorrow .. January 10 .. is the birthday of ..
Ef Sapnaa Sandilyaa ..
Ef Manuela from ITALY .. 🇮🇹

Ef Hoda from Egypt .. 🇪🇬
Happy Birthday !! .. Happy Birthday !! .. 3id Milad Sa3id !! ..
With constant prayers .. and love .. 🙏🏻❤️
.. 🌹
“Happy Birthday” and “3id Milad Sa3id” .. they are “happy birthday” birth in Italian and Arabic .. I remember reading in one of Ef Manuela’s comments that he wanted to be wished in Italian .. so I thought this little effort will make she and everyone happy ..

Love .. and the safety and precautionary wishes of the whole family Ef ..

for those who suffer the whims of covid terror, my prayers and wishes that they are in cure and healing .. many theories and waves about what the cures and duration of the ailment are .. the deluge of advice and recommendations do not cease never .. but the deluge of prayers will be bigger and bigger ..

stay safe and be careful .. ❤️🙏

it is the advent of complacency and the need to be at work..and the work is not yet planned..programmed, but postponed for justified and wise the wait is long and drawn ..

time to be in the capture of what has not been captured for a long time ..

read and contemplate ..

to bring order and semblance of correctness .. whether it is the desk or life itself .. of the accumulated and forgotten wait .. to discover .. that it is the best, to discover .. the age for which it never ends. . we will find out until the end of time .. about us, about them about everyone ..

revelation … of the unknown currency .. get the answers inside .. the other will be and can be generous or unfair .. do not be afraid, it will always be someone else, not yours ..

mine is the right .. honest brutally strong and correct ..

in his creed you want to exist .. there is the lie of prosperity and liberation ..

Yes ..

indeed ..

Amitabh Bachchan


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