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DAY 5074

Jalsa, Mumbai 8/9 January 2022 Sat / Sun 12:32 am

Guru Govind Singh Jayanti .. Sunday 9th January .. prayers and greetings .. 🙏🙏

Birthday – EF – Anoop Saxena .. Sunday 9th January .. and our best wishes for a wonderful day full of happiness ever .. Family Ef .. 🙏❤️

.. and I tweeted a while ago

T 4153 – Rarely before has there been a time like this to read, see and hear so much. And even after that, the time to understand nothing has rarely come before!

.. it has never been read, seen or heard so much before .. and even after, never before has any of this been understood ..

.. it is a burden to be lying down and in the wrapped condiments of a potato to bear the weight of the above .. extricating yourself out of it, it is a procedure .. an exercise that leaves us speechless in a silence without words .. and the waste of human energy and effort gives the Grimm Tales competition in their voluminous library of countless pages of stories that are essentially difficult, poignant and burdensome, to remember or even just think about … today …


.. you walk the unforgivable path of a belief in some of the homemade materials, by them who seem to have had an opinion on every aspect of what the world is going through and why !! .. giving also to the current medical scenarios, a color that does not give dignity, the reality in its factual avatar .. an incarnation .. a manifestation of the alleged truth, when you and the whole Universe are aware of the opposite ..

..but it is a commendable effort ..

.. HAIL to the BLOG and to the Ef ..

.. we are quite important in the eyes of them who trade on information .. whose contents .. our contents, form the essence of their professional vision .. sometimes .. in the attraction for the catch of the season ..! !

..or misery .. 🤣🤣🤣


Amitabh Bachchan

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