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DAY 5072

Jalsa, Mumbai 6 Jan 2022 Thu 23:11

For .. tomorrow .. January 7 .. is Ef Deepa’s birthday, and, Ef Sakshi Tara ..

With prayers .. and always love .. ❤️🙏🏻

disguised as everyone says and they who design for me offer my heartfelt gratitude ..

time flows in the reality of a space that is not conducive to the nature of the day in normality .. and the results are not in favor of those who do nothing but waste it in the abject conditions of couch potatoes ..

the world, it changes and changes in the rapid realms of the Universe that dictate our existence .. there are too many things and too many reasons to be in them, in too many ways ..

starts one and the million others splash in the same mood and distract the process .. the attention threshold shifts and so does the economy of all creativity, or one that requires a careful interest in appreciation. .

the irony is that the attention rate is limited to interest in the other .. and the other and the other and the other ..

there is too much .. to absorb, to digest, to assimilate ..

and this is leading to the much discussed and hidden factors of depressive minds .. minds that were shy, before the revelation of the titled brand ..



.. a word, an expression often used in contemptuous dogmas, now given its reality .. it exists .. it has an identity, a nature, a physicality .. and now there are institutions that manage and force you to be aware in its awareness and presence ..

so yes we often talk about it, but we rarely go beyond .. even if the experts who do it are the ones who propagate the discourse .. which, they say is the first and most important path, to its delivery to treatment ..

I search .. in its enormity, the reason for the conversation, but I can’t find any legitimacy for it .. so with the grace of all .. its

Good night ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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