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DAY 5070

Jalsa, Mumbai 4 Jan 2022 Mar 19:40

“… But when the outbreak of war blows in our ears,
So it imitates the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the tendons, summon the blood,
You disguise beautiful nature with favored anger;
Then it gives the eye a terrible aspect;
Pry through the head portage
Like the brass cannon; let his forehead overwhelm him
Fear as a poisoned stone does
O’erhang and jutty his confused base,
Drenched with the wild and wasteful ocean.
Now grit your teeth and widen your nostril,
Hold your breath and fold each spirit
In all its height. Come on, come on … “

fight .. fight .. and with everyone’s prayers .. no further .. no more description .. only the show continues ..

be in the calm of the Almighty, who looks at us with his grace and protection .. the human makes many denigrators .. He forgives and instructs us to guide us on the path that is right .. we follow the UNKNOWN FORCE .. ha has not been still discovered; and I wonder if it will be .. but it will be in its security bubble wrapped .. until ..

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