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DAY 5068

Jalsa, Mumbai 2/3 Jan 2022 Sun / Mon 12:33 am

Tomorrow .. January 3 .. is the birthday of Ef Himanshu Srivastava .. Ef Nandkeshor Dattatreya Paatil .. and Ef Omnia from Egypt ..
Love .. 🌹

all our wishes for this special day and our prayers that everyone is safe and protected .. 🙏🙏🙏

Birthday Ef Anuradha Raheja ABEF, Madurai .. Monday 3rd January

the days and times of his presence go by and the desire to get back to work in any avatar knocks on the doors, without an opening ..

when you look around there is the need to understand, that the excess lies in the non-use of what you have .. you expect what is in the least or almost .. but when the grace of the Almighty extends his generosity and puts all that desire in the materialistic basket, then it is no wonder how and when and where they should be used ..!

the sight of them is also vital .. they must all be in the owner’s vision .. excess often finds secret doors to hide its existence and when they are discovered it has become too late to unfold or take them to some use ..

the act of accumulating is a psychological annexation .. it collects when it is not needed and vanishes despite its voluminous acquisition .. in some cases the idea or the thought prevails that they are all within your reach or use or in giving .. and it prevails in spite of the absolute disbelief of those who do not have such an array .. so they resist .. and resist until the overflow violates the ever-present barriers of disinterested nature ..

the multiplicity of availability has saturated the brain of the average human being, and this translates into an attention to forced multitasking acts, which bring consensus and attention, but will eventually fall to the ground at the turnstile …

Measure the punishment that would have changed only by touching the borders of the time of the country;

Wake up, decide on me as they like,

But I went through this yet another aspect of life, on an unhindered journey;

When I’ve had time in the hustle and bustle of life, sitting somewhere for a while, I can think of this

What was said to do and what was wrong with that !!

I’m in the process of poetry and soft philosophy .. which ever do you prefer!

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