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DAY 5067

Jalsa, Mumbai ½ Jan 2022 Sat / Sun 12:26 am

Tomorrow .. January 2nd .. is the birthday of Ef Smita Buch, and the ardent fan Ef Nita Menon, Bigadda times Ef, and Ef Mohammad Amin Sarwar from Faisalabad, Pakistan, and Ef Minie Manal from Russia ..
With love .. 🌹 best wishes and greetings and the safety of everyone from the Ef family ..

1.1.22 today .. and 2.1.22 tomorrow and such will be the design in every day that passes, unconsciously to himself but to humanity, yes in his evident avatar.

we hesitate to finalize the figures for the next day, and the correction towards 2022 .. at the moment the habit of 2021 still prevails and an immediate understanding of the changed situation creeps in, until it is corrected ..

but we were just getting used to 21, when 22 slipped in .. and what it has in store for us .. and for everyone ..

but in adversity and challenges humanity has always stood up and stood up well, to compete to evolve to face and find fresh and innovative ways and dreams of survival .. hopefully in the prayer that will soon bear fruit in this change .. also ..

and as soon as the clamor of change .. 2021 to 2022 is done .. when resolutions are shared and committed .. when the wishes of millions are over and done .. we sit by the silence of the night for .. no .. do not think or remember the past year .. what millions make .. but simply GO FORWARD ..

what else can you do ..

your growth was in the womb of the Mother .. when you came into the world .. out of it the growth stopped, the end prevailed .. now you are leading to the end from day one .. so stop all these precarious interpretations and precocious of what the world will do and how we will slip inside, in its presence and prevail ..

we are already in survival mode .. survive ..

how it’s done .. the cycle of life will soon overtake you and educate your being in this intricate philosophy of “surviving” … 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

no .. nothing dramatic ..

the day wobbled .. in the loneliness of unity and self .. meditating on “maybe” on “would” and on the sensual belief of salvation and beyond ..

sensual, because this is the call of salvation, I think .. in most of the talk on this epic topic ..

.. and we know that nothing will come of it, because, besides the belief of its presence, nothing has any known value .. since no one who has seen it, at all, is around .. this oblivion my dearest Ef we can commit ourselves and exist ..

to exist..

Amitabh Bachchan

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