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DAY 5065

Jalsa, Mumbai 30 Dec 2021 Thu 23:10

The birthdays of the last day of the year .. and since in every end there is a beginning .. the last day, we read the thirty-first .. first .. as if it were a sign, a message of hidden wisdom ..
.. And .. tomorrow .. December 31 .. is the birthday of ..

Ef Madhu Jain .. Ef Nandita Kao .. Ef Manish Sevalal Tiwari .. Ef Pankaj Purohit .. and Ef Shrikant Deshmukh ..
May it be the end of all darkness and the beginning of the light at the end of the tunnel, of joys, of better times .. ✨
Love .. 🌹

Sometimes the need betrays the result. It centers around the apex of its presence, in the habit of its nature, in PRAYER and then in its need, it succumbs to its soft and flaccid form, as a result of several tempted awakenings, but no, there is no change and acceptance.

BUT ..

life is strange and goes round and round .. it will return, not too far from the present, hopefully, and revive the lost form of opportunities, so graciously projected in and out .. more out ..

There is remorse, and blind belief in its resurrection quickly, a form that would hopefully make amends in the time to come!

When that happens, then it will be seen .. or heard or performed .. but for now it beckons as a bad dream .. hat and all ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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