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DAY 5062

Jalsa, Mumbai 27/28 Dec 2021 Mon / Tue 12:46 AM

Tomorrow .. December 28th .. is Ef Waseem Sayed’s birthday ..
.. and .. December 26th .. it was Ef Navita’s birthday .. Bigadda times Ef .. I’m sorry to miss it .. 😔🙏🏻 ..
Love .. 🌹 .. and may the new future times be in the grace of the heart and in peace .. ✨🕊️
Love .. 🌹

The idleness of time and work is the destined destruction of body and mind. In continuous one stop schedules without a stop work schedule, it became mandatory to think of those times when there was no work at all and how desire and the clumsy mind without destiny would seek and pray for it. Now his reverse avatar is looking for the opposite – it is necessary that the work that lies in abeyance be programmed in a certain speed – to allow the unstable mind to free itself from its thought and its imagination.

This is the value of the wheel of fortune .. wheel of constant life .. wheel of change and continuity .. wheel of the wheel on each completed circle of life ..

Poetic may seem and seem, but when have we ever owned another? With the circumstantial changes in time and life, every opportunity that could have been burdened, has now demanded and, indeed, firmly dictated, that the opposite be brought into the fray of ongoing schedules so that a certain order prevails. An order that will bring “enough” to play in the minds and body of our guest!

And it is not an undivided thought to consider the time and duration of the work in the next, which brings reverential discussion into all future plans. They who plan think about the future .. we think about the present. We think so because this is what is now and immediate. They consider the many other factors. Theirs is the thought of protection and completion and is valid for the reason of its doing or doing.

It will last until the end. What will be the perception over time and then, over time. How would it receive product conditioning in the condition of the interstate. We are ahead or behind. They are the ones who patronize, in the similar spirit of the presentation. If so, how many and for how long. Short-lived or prolonged in time and memory!

The world has been in the time machine of “change”. Nothing unusual. The Universe was also not the same; the Universe of each professed yes; which needs to be emphasized. The world has remained round and spinning ever since, but the living have not. Neither rounded nor in interrupted rotation. Pity. It would have been so exciting if it had stayed stable.

And on this we can already hear the voice of dissent.

The discussion on this worldly topic of a problem in which, just like today’s conditions, also nothing will be in unison, is fruitless! And the celebration of this will reverberate in humanity, thus built to be considered unique. Or so we think and believe. Morally, perhaps or even scientifically. Because there is no concluding dissertation, neither for nor against.

The celebrated crave attention when attention was scarce or distant; and now they seek the isolation and intimacy of the invisible and the unknown with no consequences for anyone else but those who bring ‘bread and cheese butter’; Not necessarily in that order!

The dichotomy of human modernity – present within limits then, omnipresent now, or in pursuit of it.

.. as I do, looking for his timing now ..

Be safe and in protective company.


Amitabh Bachchan

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