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DAY 5061

Jalsa, Mumbai 26 Dec 2021 Sun 22:14

Tomorrow .. December 27th .. is the birthday of Ef Diipesh Arrora from Surat, Gujarat ..
Love .. 🌹 .. and our best wishes to have a wonderful day and to be safe ..

.. the fervor remains and is embellished by the thoughts and desires of the previous night .. the morning however full of the warmth of life and the UNITY of the ONE .. of sharing without fear .. with trust and compassion!

Of the greeting with those who suffer and of the hope that they survive with the love given .. the prayers and attentions for them .. of a desire to be in everyone, with everyone ..

what a wonderful world it would be ..

and must ..

changes changes changes, occur again over time;

but what changes the human being inside is what the gain will be ~

so changes in body and mind have always been an occupational hazard to begin with … a swagger bragging about times when he or she would dominate the roost, dictate the rules and ultimately succumb to the intense pressures of the eternal-marriage bond . . or the entry or the list of what and where and how .. all this is answered the day when the meter for reading the temperature is “no fault” is not it .. ??

I sat down the Genesis in passing, and the graph seemed depressed and lost .. the notes sounded, but the soul remained empty .. so an abandonment and a loss of the LogicX that tabulates the graphs ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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