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DAY 5060

Jalsa, Mumbai 25/26 December, 2021 Sat / Sun 02:14 AM

Tomorrow .. 26th December is the birthday of Ef Hany Sabri from Egypt .. Ef Tarenjit Singh .. and Ef Rajib Banerjee .. best wishes for this special day and the happiness of all time ..
Love .. 🌹

what does your country and your flag have to do with it .. on its victory and its triumph .. there can never be any other stronger emotion .. the tears flow without any provocation .. they breathe from within and unconsciously overflow .. it is the volume of the identification of what is mine that pours out .. my land, my country, my flag, my people ..

.. and a movie just did it ..

it will be harder to express another one tonight ..

let me be with the moment of fervor of patriotism ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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