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DAY 5058

Jalsa, Mumbai 23 Dec 2021 Thu 23:14

Tomorrow .. 24 December .. is the birthday of Ef Irfan Nuyani, and Ef Anu Uttam ..
Love .. 🌹..and best wishes for a wonderful day ..

You realize early enough that work is the essence of life. That without it the hours would be useless in their presence. Let the idle mind and body truly become the devil’s workshop. That the looming joy of working to earn a living sounds truly worthless, impromptu and meaningless.

Work was invented or discovered to earn a living; or living invented to discover work. Living beings need to be addressed like this, because they need to be alive to live; and for this the need was the gain to take what was necessary to survive.


Sustenance became fashionable and those who could provide the good, the needy, the best in the effort to consume and breathe, became the masters of all.

Those who discovered the desire to survive in their environment consumed it, and those who did not find the necessary plundered regions of productivity and consumption that created their own salvation of survival.

BUT why should I spend time and energy, philosophizing before earning. Earning, making money first and then bringing the modalities of the pontification.

This is the mantra of existence and life – to some extent, in the lower numbers.

The work therefore pontificates its reincarnation: worldly, regular, inventive, abstract, creative, prosaic, not very interesting .. and so on ..

And so in one day as many as 10 approximate films for the world of advertising, with three costume changes and a quarter, of the surplus and the return journey, it is monotonous and devoid of any worried look of achievement or the attentive attention that the presence brings so embarrassing. The saw is that of the metal cage full of the projections of a life in terms of effort, perseverance, effort and struggle, so that the economy flows well and truly in the hearts of those who visit it.

I did not say that ; that was a self-induced comment, intertwined with the weight of a heavy head requiring restless softness among many others and more.


be safe and care never ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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