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DAY 5057

Jalsa, Mumbai Dec 22, 2021 Wed 11:14 PM

Tomorrow .. 23 December .. is the birthday of Ef Amarjeet Kumar from Patna, Bihar ..

.. and it is also .. the birthday of Ef Kunal Jain from Calcutta .. Bigadda times Ef ..
Love and care and more and more .. 🌹 .. may this birthday bring love, happiness and peace ..

A wavering mind and body .. reckless and varied in all its unknown ways .. this is why the joy and pleasure of work every day provide the mind with that non-existent emptiness that many find too elusive and vacant ..

and when the work begins the reverse feeling begins to take over the face, leaving it only when the interruptions of the mind wreak havoc on the inside ..

there is real chaos, but never enough to be cause for concern ..

all the obstacles of life were built for man, barriers, to break and discover the beauty of expressive success .. and when it was not so it was dissolved and set aside and aloof ..

because when how was the ever-present behavior .. unanswered or not willing enough to respond .. SHMG

crumbling in a sudden wave of the hand to the extreme:

I reached the roof

He looked at the staircase with indifference.

He said,

“Okay, get off !!”

when I reached the roof I looked at the staircase with contempt; the ladder told me “really, try to go down” !!

this is a new world that we have developed and inherited – for those who have lived through these centuries and years ..

adapt and accept, or be in the grip of a roof without a ladder to return ..

but these are just home made curries .. inconsistent reckless and inherently unsafe ..

this has value:

Words are covered. Whenever something is known, it is known despite the words; Not because of the words. It is a different matter that, by understanding the shell of words closely, anyone can capture the animal inside.

~ dr Anshuman

words are but a mere cover; whenever something has to be known, it is known despite the words, not because of the words! it is another discourse that by revealing the shields or the covers in an equally delicate way, the reality or the creature inside the word, can be captured, by anyone ..

no more in the sermon .. there is some serious work tomorrow .. like a sponsorship shooting .. and they are becoming a nice task ..

the testimonial or celebrity in charge of his campaign is to be considered responsible for the manufacture and purity and so on of the product .. 🤯


good night..

Amitabh Bachchan

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