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DAY 5047

Jalsa, Mumbai Dec 12/13, 2021 Sun / Mon 1:06 am

Tomorrow .. December 13th .. is EF RJ Divya Solgama’s birthday .. 📻🎙️🎂💐
… Best wishes to you from the whole family Ef .. love ❤️❤️

the hands of well-being and care, invite you to behave in the way that could improve the production seen by the millions of the 21-year-old show – KBC ..

It is a procedure at the entrance to the set to greet the audience that sits patient waiting for the game show to begin and to be in the light of the answers and waiting for the lifeline that are sometimes requested by the competitor.

But another Sunday passes and the desire to get out of what surrounds us and feel the air surpasses everything else. It is pleasant and warm to be in the sun and welcome it after the months of life-saving rains and, at times, taking them away that we too tragically lose.

The perplexities of life always carry their octopus tentacles like around and squeeze the last breath of your energy preserved in the hemispheric atmosphere.

It is time to realize that the normality of occasions may never be as 100% monolithic as before, but making the effort to relive those in that moment will always be the yardstick for results.

The verbal conversation and deliberations of life are the essence of all domesticity. I am the end and being everything, forever. The bells of uniformity, generalizations and the purity of harmony are ringing. All of this is always achievable in a given structure of time and place.

proven fact, even in its desirable practice, that no job is the devil’s workshop, regardless of any conditional circumstances. It affects the systematic functions of the body and destroys the balance of the body. Falling, falling and unbalanced in its present. SHMG


we are beyond expectations, beyond an expressive idea on the yield of the fresh project. But those who lead it are not. They are ambitious and connected and ready to explain the experiment that the Rev. RCL may have to listen to and intervene. But it is well known that that intervention is a fair haystack ready for the arrival of the flame to carry out the wishes of those who were, sat obeying the command of the politician Cosmo.

So where is he –

beyond understanding and doubt and any explanation … but wait there will also be efforts in the grace and spirit of the gifted horse – I have never been able to look for it, in the darkest of circumstances – white-nosed and white-hoofed in the black. Sturdy and friendly and of immense pedigree – lucky, in the hills of Sikkim in the hills of the North between the strata of the great Himalayas.

I never saw him again, too bad.

this was the detail of the visit to Afghanistan for work on KHUDA GAWAH .. hospitality, the strength of friendship and love – but also the animosity of generations if there was disagreement and dispute.

Ahhh .. there must be a whole book about this – somewhere sooner or later!

For now, however, the pages need closure and the goodness of the night!


Amitabh Bachchan

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